134 MPs who don’t respect the Referendum AND don’t respect their own voters

The results are quite shocking.

MPs in Leave constituencies failing to back a clean Brexit

40 Conservative MPs

91 Labour MPs

3 LibDem MPs

1 Plaid Cymru MP

The EU Referendum was a national vote across the UK and all MPs were given an instruction by the people to leave the EU. This applies to those MPs who represent constituencies in the United Kingdom which voted predominantly to Remain as well as those which voted predominantly to Leave, as this was a vote by the United Kingdom as a whole. No, if’s no but’s those are the facts.

In this article, let's look at those MPs who represent constituencies which voted to leave the EU

The MPs we have listed below not only wish to prevent an exit on 29 March without preconditions, but they are also defying the decision of their own voters, as well as the manifesto commitments they stood on (with the exception of the 3 LibDems and the 1 Plaid Cymru MP). Many are even advocating another referendum.

In compiling this list we first considered those MPs who signed the letter from Dame Spelman (Con) and Jack Dromey (Lab) on 7 January, telling the Prime Minister. We are united in our determination that the UK must not crash out of the EU without a deal”

This goes against the terms of Article 50 which they almost all voted for. It is also against the terms of the Withdrawal Act which the vast majority voted for last year.

We also looked at many other sources, to arrive at an understanding of the position of MPs

This table is sorted by the most vulnerable MPs to a challenge — i.e. those with the slimmest majorities. And it only shows those MPs in constituencies with Leave majorities. This is why the “vulnerability ranking” column starts at №4. The 3 most vulnerable seats are in fact Remain seats

The full criteria used for this list is as follows

Those MPs who refuse to back Brexit on a WTO World Trade Terms basis

Those who back the so-called “People’s Vote”

Those MPs who backed the motion two weeks ago which constrains the Government in spending money in the event of a WTO World Trade Brexit

Those who voted in favor of Mrs. May’s non-Brexit Brexit — her Withdrawal Agreement

Public pronouncements by these MPs where they do not fully support Brexit

It is known to all that a large number of MPs are seeking to thwart Brexit, against the express instruction of the British people.

Those are the list of those anti-democratic MPs who seek to thwart a true Brexit, and who represent constituencies which voted to Leave. They really have no excuse.



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