EU Nationals Still Love The UK

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readSep 1, 2020

In the myriad of reports issued by the Office of National Statistics last week, one fact stood out

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just reported on the continuing very high levels of immigration into the UK, stating that 715,000 people from all countries had moved to the UK on a permanent basis in the last year. After subtracting all departures (including British people) the net figure stood at 313,000. These two figures in themselves are truly shocking.

The ONS was at pains to say (as they so often do) that this had very little to do with immigration from the EU27 countries. However, mentioned briefly in one of their reports were the figures from the Dept for Work and Pensions on new National Insurance number (NINo) registrations.

“For the period ending March 2020, there were 430,000 NINo registrations to EU nationals and 326,000 to non-EU nationals.” Office for National Statistics, 27 August 2020

According to the DWP, you need to apply for a National Insurance number if you’re planning to work, claim benefits, or apply for a student loan. This is, therefore, a fairly key measure of how many people from the EU27 have entered the country, although naturally many more will have entered without yet applying to HMRC for an NI number, or who are dependants.

Latest ONS/DWP report on new National Insurance number (NINo) registrations for EU27 nationals

430,134 NINo registrations issued to EU27 nationals in the year ending Mar 2020

That’s 57% of all non-UK registrations

Just over 7 MILLION new NINos have been issued to EU27 nationals since 2002 when records began

Are EU27 nationals staying away from racist, broken, Brexit Britain? No.

The ONS states that 221,000 EU27 nationals emigrated to the UK in the year to March 2020.“Since 2015, EU emigration has increased but has remained broadly stable in the last two years. Despite these trends, there were still more EU citizens moving to the UK, to stay for 12 months or more, than were leaving the UK. This trend was seen for all EU groups (EU15, EU8, EU2).”

How many EU/EEA nationals have applied for settled status in the UK?

The simple fact is that well over four times as many EU27 nationals want to live in the United Kingdom, as UK nationals want to live in the EU. And the number continues to rise.

Many readers will remember being told during the EU Referendum that 3 million EU nationals were resident in the UK and 1.2 million UK nationals were resident in the EU. I produced official figures showing both figures were false. I further suggested that there were over 4 million EU nationals in the UK and less than a million UK nationals in the EU. Below is the latest official data.

The EU Settlement Scheme — update

The Home Office now say that there have been 3.81 million applications as of 31 July 2020

Clearly this number will rise as we approach 31 Dec 2020

The EU Commission now says that only 0.85 million UK nationals Are residing in the EU

Well over four times as many EU27 nationals want to live in the United Kingdom, as UK nationals want to live in the EU

The absurdity and incompetence of the management of UK immigration

It is common knowledge that the Government does not actually know how many people of whatever nationality enter or leave the UK on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Even if migrants use official entry and exit channels, individuals are not counted in or out. Instead, the Government and its agencies still use a voluntary polling system at airports and ports.

There is an appalling lack of reliable and verifiable information on immigration. For an area of public policy which has been of such concern to millions of people around the country, this is now beyond a disgrace.

NI numbers count — literally

I have previously drawn attention on several occasions to the National Insurance statistics collected by HMRC and disseminated by the Dept of Work and Pensions. We are well aware that this method of assessing overall numbers of migrants lacks full rigour, but in my view, it has always been a very interesting metric, and perhaps far more interesting than the guesswork which backs official immigration statistics. By their very nature, NI numbers are counted in full.

If migrants need an NI number, they have no choice but to apply for one. Conversely, no migrant has any incentive to respond to a pollster from the voluntary “Passenger Survey” who approaches them at an airport or port.

More EU27 nationals are still entering than leaving the UK — fact

No matter how much the ONS and the Remain Establishment tries to hide it, the simple fact is that more EU27 nationals come to the UK each year than leave it. Net immigration from the EU continues to grow, “despite Brexit”.

This must be galling for those anxious to denigrate our country in any way possible. They will just have to “suck it up”, to use the modern vernacular. I can only hope that they are starting to realise that each element of their scaremongering and lies over the last five years has unravelled, and this is just one more example to add to the list.

Put simply, there hasn’t been a ‘mass exodus’ since the Referendum, as was claimed by the Establishment. In fact, the net number coming from the EU has continued to grow every year. Oops.

Sources: ONS | Dept of Work and Pensions | HMRC | EU Commission



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