EU Commission hasn’t even mentioned VE Day and is doing NOTHING for it

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readMay 8, 2020

The EU wants you to celebrate ‘EU Day’, not the 75th VE Day

Not one word from the EU Commission’s public relations about 75th VE Day today

The ungrateful ideologues I actually call them Charlie Uniform November Tangos who run the EU from Brussels have completely ignored the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day today. There is in effect a news blackout as if they do not wish the end of the Second World War to be remembered at all.

[Note: This information is correct as of 10.30 am today.]

This was the war which devastated the continent and the United Kingdom, killed many millions more than Coronavirus has done or will ever do, and wrecked the British economy for more than a generation. In trying to find any mention on the EU’s websites of the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, it is as if WWII has been airbrushed out of history.

Instead, it seems that the EU apparatchiks would like everyone to forget VE Day in favour of celebrations for their “Europe Day” tomorrow, 09 May.

“Europe Day” (which should, of course, be called “EU Day”) marks what?

© EU Commission

It seems scarcely credible, but the EU’s eurocrat masters would prefer that citizens celebrate a political speech made by a French foreign minister in 1950, five years after the war ended.

The Frenchman’s name was Robert Schuman and the EU says his speech “initiated the process of European integration”. Many readers will have read this speech. If not it can be Googled but I will not link to it on a day like today.

Here is an example of the EU’s output about “Europe [EU] Day”

“Europe Day on 9 May is an occasion to celebrate peace and unity in Europe”

© EU Commission

- European Union External Action Service, May 2020

Start date 09/05/2020 End date 09/05/2020

Where: Europe — Council of the EU and European Council, European Commission, European Parliament, Events /Fairs

“… we will still be marking this day, especially since this year we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration — a powerful statement made by the French foreign minister Robert Schuman who initiated the process of European integration.

“Join us from home and immerse yourself in hours of culture, information, entertainment and more. Sit back, enjoy and keep safe!”

It is worth taking stock and reiterating what the EU has done today

The 75th anniversary of the end of a World War is being commemorated today in many countries across Europe, including in many EU member countries.

The war killed millions of more people than the Coronavirus ever will. It devastated lives, landscapes, country’s economies and boundaries. It swallowed many countries into an anti-democratic and cruel totalitarian regime called the Soviet Union, run by a monster called Joseph Stalin. This was a war which changed almost everything, for almost everyone.

And what does the EU have to say on the 75th anniversary of the end of this war?

Nothing. Rien. Nichts.

Is this REALLY an organisation that anyone can possibly take seriously, or have any respect for?

Let’s forget the EU and commemorate and celebrate — TODAY’S SCHEDULE!

Below I present a short summary of some of the events taking place which readers may wish to know about.

11.00 am First, there is a very serious aspect of today’s events and that is a commemoration. Readers may wish to observe a two-minute silence being held at 11 am today.

11.15 am Royal British Legion’s VE Day commemorations include a Livestream featuring stories of those who served.

2.55 pm Solo buglers, trumpeters and cornet players are invited to play the Last Post from outside their homes

3.00 pm Sir Winston Churchill’s speech will be broadcast on the BBC

3.10 pm At the end of the speech people are invited to stand and join in a national toast: “To those who gave so much, we thank you.”

6.00 pm VE Day 75 concert from the Royal Albert Hall with Katherine Jenkins. Readers can come here to view it below.

“I’m excited that we can still come together, albeit virtually, for a tribute of wartime songs and musical memories from London’s most iconic concert venue.”- Katherine Jenkins, OBE

“I’m excited that we can still come together, albeit virtually, for a tribute of wartime songs and musical memories from London’s most iconic concert venue.”

Katherine Jenkins, OBE“

I’ll never forget how ‘We’ll Meet Again” meant so much to all those soldiers going off to war as well as with their families and sweethearts. Seventy-five years since the end of the war in Europe, the virus has given those lyrics a whole new meaning. I have found the nation’s renewed love for the song very moving. I hope this special duet lifts the spirits of our VE Day Veterans and all those separated from loved ones at this time.

Dame Vera Lynn, SSAFA Ambassador

8.00 pm “VE Day 75: The People’s Celebration” will be shown on BBC One.

9.00 pm The Queen’s will speak to the nation in a pre-recorded address broadcast on the BBC and probably SKY and ITN. Following this, viewers can join together in a singalong of Dame Vera Lynn’s wartime anthem “We’ll Meet Again” — led by Dame Vera herself.

Today we will be remembering fallen relatives as well as relatives who lived through the Second World War and survived but endured great hardship.

This is a day for remembrance but we must not forget that it is also a day for great celebration! 75 years ago there was an outpouring of relief, joy, and national pride when it was announced that the Germans had unconditionally surrendered to the Allies. More than five years of war was over, in Europe at least.

This should be a day of great pride for the entire country, and for all our friends throughout the Commonwealth, as well as our friends in the United States. I would like to share this feeling of pride with all readers — in spirit even if not in person!



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