EU blows Remainer MPs’ arguments apart.

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readJan 26, 2019

Its Official: EU says Customs Union IS the European Union

On International Customs Day, EU makes position clear

Yesterday the EU Commission issued some news ahead of International Customs Day today. We will come to that news in a moment, but first here is how they described the Customs Union and Single Market in their announcement.

“The EU’s Customs Union, which celebrated its 50 years anniversary in 2018, is unique in the world. It is a foundation of the European Union and essential for the proper functioning of the Single Market.”

The use of the word ‘foundation’ makes things very clear. It is impossible to separate the idea of a Customs Union from what the EU is all about.

The EU Commission goes on to link this directly to the Single Market, describing the Customs Union as being ‘essential’ in its functioning.

The other news they gave related to two proposals for spending a total of €2.3 billion on improved customs facilities, both of which had been announced previously, as is often the case with EU announcements.

Today is International Customs Day. Readers have no doubt been planning their celebrations for weeks. LOL

With Brexit under serious threat, however, we must all put aside our plans for the hanging of bunting, and consider a basic point for Remainer MPs to reflect upon.

There are still many MPs who seem to think that they can modify Brexit to such an extent that we might as well still be members of the EU. Two of the more obvious changes they wish to make are to force the UK to be in ‘a’ customs union with the EU and to have ‘close alignment’ to the Single Market.

This is nonsense and is most definitely not Brexit, as the EU Commission ably demonstrated in its announcement yesterday. The Commission could not have been clearer that these are two of the most fundamental tenets of EU membership. They are in its DNA.

The EU Commission insists on controlling international trade — regardless of its lamentable record in doing trade deals over the last 50 years — and it insists on making the laws for just about everything concerned with making, buying and selling, via the imposition of Single Market rules.

For Remainer MPs to think that the British public is going to be fooled into accepting a non-Brexit Brexit where the UK is under the same yoke as before is almost laughable.


The EU IS a customs union and single market,
and that’s what 17.4 million people voted to leave.



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