EU admits its new €10.5 billion slush fund will be used to buy weapons

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EU Military Staff Coat of Arms

Most EU Commissioners on visit to Africa © EU Commission

“We are fighting a war…” “Strength requires arms…” “You have to have war equipment”

On Friday the EU’s Vice-President and High Representative, Josep Borrell, made a series of revealing statements about the EU’s military intentions. These included the use of a new €10.5 billion, ‘off-budget’ slush fund to buy and provide weapons.

Hang on the EU is supposed to be for trading not fighting wars, you have NATO to do that for you.

Let us look at a few facts.

At the end of last week EU High Representative Borrell — in reality, the de facto Foreign and Defence Secretary of the EU — was in Ethiopia as part of an African tour by most of the EU Commission. Part of his tour took in a visit to the Fontanina Shoe Factory of the Ethio-Leather Industry Plc (ELICO). He was viewing a project funded by money from EU taxpayers, including to large degree taxpayers from the UK.

In response to reporters’ questions the head of the EU’s External Action Service said:

“Let us be less angelical and put a foot on the ground.
We are fighting a war, and when you face a war, you need to do war.”

“And security requires strength and strength requires arms.”

Asked about the EU’s proposed new slush fund which they call “the Peace Fund”, Snr Borrell replied:

“The Peace Fund will be able to provide equipment….”

“… When you go to fight, you have to have war equipment.”

Clueless Clegg, the “dangerous fantasist”

In 2014 Nigel Farage accepted a challenge from the then leader of the LibDems, now a very highly-paid Vice-President for a multinational corporation, Facebook. The two debated on BBC television and this debate included the now infamous exchange on the EU’s military ambitions.

Over and over, Mr Clegg referred to Mr Farage’s claims as being a “dangerous fantasy”. Here is that exchange.

At the time of writing, Clegg has yet to issue an apology to the British people (and to Mr Farage).

Brexiteers vindicated again, as “Clueless Clegg’s” reputation crashes further.

Here is just one small example amongst many examples of the EU’s determination to become a military power. This comes from the new EU Foreign and Defence Secretary, Josep Borrell, THIS YEAR

We have to work together in order to reinforce cooperation between the Member States of the European Union and to build a genuine European Defence Union”

Josep Borrell, EU Vice-President and de facto EU Foreign and Defence Secretary, Brussels, 09 Dec 2019

The supreme irony, of course, is that EU countries have never been able to fund NATO properly, but the EU apparently now thinks they can fund an EU defence force to replace NATO.

[ Sources: EU External Action Service | EU Commission ]



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