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A nest of traitors who put the European Union before their own Nation




Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, David Mundell, David Gauke — Cabinet Ministers who defied the whip last night. A nest of traitors who put the European Union before their own Nation

There are two main reasons why we are in this mess over Brexit

  1. Our MPs
  2. The EU

MPs defying democracy

The House of Commons last night defied the will of the people. Its members even defied their own votes for triggering Article 50 and defied their own manifestos on which they stood for election as recently as June 2017. This is so extraordinary that it has left many people searching for the words to describe how they feel. Certainly, the anger in the country is now palpable. It is noticeable that many of those who voted Remain are also shocked.

And yet these anti-democratic demons will ride on today, dealing the ultimate blow to Brexit in further votes this evening. Well, not the ultimate blow perhaps, but they will set in train events which could mean we will not be exiting the EU on 29 March.

A house of traitors who put the European Union before their own Nation

Après nous, le déluge

MPs have now effectively declared war on the electorate. So be it.

They are so isolated in their Westminster bubble that they really have no idea about reality in the country anymore. There is a saying don’t get mad, get even.

The key question is, short of storming the Palace of Westminster today which we most definitely should not do no matter how tempting that may seem what can we do about this?

The answer is simple. You have a voice. Use it. And please use it today, before you lose it.

Today (not tomorrow, not at the weekend) we ask you to act. Don’t assume that other people will do this, you must now step up, no matter what is going on in your life.

Let’s deluge MPs in every way possible, to make sure they finally understand the strength of feeling in the country. We also ask all Remain voters to do this. Most Remain voters are decent people — few are extremist Remoaners.

All decent Britons must act now to save our democracy and to avoid this crisis reaching a tipping point which none of us wants to see.

What you must do today, please

There are several ways you could do something today, to influence your MP ahead of this evening’s votes.

1 Direct contact with your MP — see below

2 Contacting their support network — constituency association, groups they are members of

3 Deluging the media — calling and emailing the BBC, Sky News, ITN, national and local newspapers, local radio

4 Getting seriously active on social media — Facebook, Twitter, etc

6 Leafleting your local community, door-to-door and in the high street or shopping center

Use email, the phone, hand-delivered letters/leaflets, your physical presence in the community — use semaphore if you have to — but get your voice heard.

Be British

The one thing I urge is to be polite, even though you may be raging inside, but please also be very direct, concise, and clear. Avoid language which could be considered abusive or likely to incite violence. Avoid trespass, and be proportionate at all times.

The key message is “Respect democracy, do NOT delay Brexit. Respect my vote, or you and your party will lose it forever”.

Contacting MPs

Finding contact details

Address for all MPs: [MP’s name], House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

The post is redirected when the House is not sitting.

The phone number for all MPs: 020 7219 3000. Just ask for your MP by name.

Political Party HQ’s

You may wish to contact an MP’s party at the national or regional level. I don’t see why national, regional or local Chairmen and activists shouldn’t be aware of the strength of feeling in the country.

Conservative Party: 020 7222 9000

Labour Party: 0870 5900 200

Liberal Democrat Party: 020 7222 7999

Plaid Cymru: 029 2064 6000

Scottish National Party: 0131 525 8900

Majorities — How vulnerable is your MP?

If you want to work smart — and readers are nothing if not smart

In the 2017 general election, there were.

Analysis of vulnerable MPs

80 seats

80 seats with a majority of less than 2,000

120 seats with a majority of less than 3,000

180 seats with a majority of less than 5,000

293 seats with a majority of less than 10,000

This means a large number of MPs are vulnerable. Remember, an MP with a majority of 2,000 votes only has to see 1,001 switches to the second place candidate and they would lose their seat. (In reality, because these seats have majorities under 2,000 then it takes less than 1,000 voters to switch, in order for 80 MPs to lose their jobs, all other things being equal.)

And if there is a big backlash against MPs who refuse to accept the result of the Referendum, large swings are a very real possibility, threatening the jobs of a couple of hundred MPs or more.

So there you have it. YOU may be SMART, however, the idiots that represent you are far from smart and at best are complacent. Time to wake them up and give them the shock of their lives. I know my own MP is in a vulnerable position. At the 2017 GE he only just managed to get back in with just 30 votes to the good. Oh and he is a Remain MP who defied the people who voted for him and I believe that if Students at the local University who voted for him many who I believe cheated he would have been toast. Decent Leave voters in my area remembered that he was voting against their wishes and decided to teach him a lesson and they came very close, so it can be done even more so now.

Contacting the broadcast media and combatting the bias

A nest of bigots and traitors. Let them know how you feel about them

The BBC, Sky, and ITN constantly protest that they are free of bias regarding Brexit. Like yourselves, I find this laughable based on the monitoring of their output on TV and online.

Formal surveys which have been carried out on major BBC political programmes have found an overwhelming bias in favor of guests who are anti-Brexit, or who voted Remain.

It is my opinion that the BBC (and most other broadcast media organizations) are full of Remain supporters. We also observe that the vast majority of presenters clearly have very little knowledge of the EU, nor the issues surrounding Brexit. An obvious exception at the BBC is Mr. Andrew Neil, who is the master of his art.

Just one small indicator of the BBC’s bias

You only have to look at the newspapers bought by the BBC. The Remainiac Guardian represents only 2.9% of the circulation of the main 9 daily newspapers sold in the UK. Yet it is the second-most bought newspaper by the BBC. Pro-rata the BBC buys more than five times as many copies as are bought by the public.

The newspaper bought most by the BBC is the Times, which also came out for Remain in the Referendum. [Sources: Official ABC circulation statistics 2018, and Freedom of Information request to the BBC in July 2017.

Complain loud and often, but keep it simple

As with politicians, readers should not attempt to convert those who work in the broadcast media. You will never change the mind of a Rabid dog as it bares its fangs to attack you.

However, I do propose that you may want to let them know just how much you disapprove of their work. If nothing else, this will make them think and might even make a difference to their output.

If thousands of readers made a short (even one-line) complaint each time they saw evident anti-Brexit bias on the TV, it might make a few people sit up and take notice.

1. Complaining to the BBC

By phone: 03700 100 222

By post: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington DL3 0UR

To do it online http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complain-online/



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