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Graham Charles Lear
4 min readApr 1, 2023

In the last year of Brexit Britain’s exports soared by 24% (Shush, don’t tell the BBC)

Rejoiners who want to put our country down may wail, but the facts are the facts

And foreign direct investment into the UK broke the £2 TRILLION mark for the first time

Today I have excellent news. Today I analyse and report on the latest figures about the UK’s growing international trade. These put to the sword many of the misconceptions being promoted to the British public by the Rejoin campaigns and the elements of the media which are anti-Brexit.

Following my reports about the stunning Brexit success of the UK being the first European country to become part of the massive CPTPP Indo-Pacific trading bloc, this report covers the UK’s international trade more generally.

The facts are very simple and very positive

  • The UK’s exports are up by 24.2% to the end of Jan 2023
  • They are up to the EU (by 24.8%)
  • They are up to the rest of the world (by 23.5%)
  • And Brexit Britain is such an attractive place to invest that inward foreign direct investment has broken all records

“Great news that last year UK trade surged and inward investment reached a new record.

“The BBC and the Remain campaigners push out errant forecasts and strange models to suggest post-Brexit the UK will do badly, ignoring the reality of trade and overseas investment rising. Why do they always want to run the UK down? Why do they play down the significance of so much investment coming from outside the EU despite their dogma that our trade and prosperity depend on the EU?

“The USA is by far and away our biggest export market and we are doing well there. Services are particularly strong. Now we are out of the EU we are negotiating trade deals like the CPTPP one which includes services, something the EU did not include in most of their deals.”

- The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP, former Secretary of State, 01 Apr 2023

What follows are facts, not ‘projections’ — all from the official sources

Below I present the official, basic facts about Brexit Britain’s success in international trade and as the destination for investment by foreign companies. All of this comes from official sources and represents the most up-to-date information in each case.

[Sources: Office for National Statistics, HMRC, UNCTAD — latest figures in each case.]

1. Total UK exports (goods and services) seasonally adjusted, current prices in £bn

  • 12 months to January 2022 £663.5 bn
  • 12 months to January 2023 £823.8 bn
  • Up 24.2% on the previous 12 months

2. Value of UK total trade (imports and exports), 12 months to the end Jan 2023

  • 12 months to January 2022 £1,364.6 bn
  • 12 months to January 2023 £1,724.6 bn
  • Up 26.4% on the previous 12 months

3. UK exports to EU and non-EU countries, year to end-Sept 2022 (latest breakdown)

  • UK exports to the EU £330.2 bn (+24.8%)
  • UK exports to the non-EU £447.4 bn (+23.5%)
  • Total exports to EU 42.4%
  • Total exports to the rest of the world 57.5%

4. The UK’s Top 20 markets — Who buys most from us?

Market share, year to end-Sept 2022, goods and services, £ bn's

  1. United States: £161.5 ( 20.8% )
  2. Germany: £54.6 ( 7.0% )
  3. Netherlands: £54.3 ( 7.0% )
  4. Ireland: £53.6 ( 6.9% )
  5. France: £40.8 ( 5.2% )
  6. China: £31.7 ( 4.1% )
  7. Switzerland: £30.6 ( 3.9% )
  8. Belgium: £24.5 ( 3.2% )
  9. Spain: £16.7 ( 2.2% )
  10. Italy: £15.9 ( 2.0% )
  11. Hong Kong : £15.2 ( 2.0% )
  12. India: £14.8 ( 1.9% )
  13. Canada: £14.1 ( 1.8% )
  14. Japan: £13.5 ( 1.7% )
  15. Singapore: £12.9 ( 1.7% )
  16. United Arab Emirates: £12.3 ( 1.6% )
  17. Sweden: £11.8 ( 1.5% )
  18. Luxembourg: £11.8 ( 1.5% )
  19. South Korea: £11.1 ( 1.4% )
  20. Saudi Arabia: £11.1 ( 1.4% )

5. Foreign direct investment — record highs

Latest figures (2021)

  • Inward investment by foreign companies exceeded £2 TRILLION for the first time
  • The total value of inward investment: £2,002.4 billion
  • Up 4.3% year-on-year
  • Investment from the EU: £685.1bn (34.2%)
  • Investment from rest of world : £1,317.3bn (65.8%)

The good news for Brexit Britain is official — and undeniable

The Rejoiner world (and that of the Office for Budget Responsibility, the BoE, and HM Treasury) is full of those producing or re-producing dubious projections about the dire state of Brexit Britain since the courageous decision of the British people to leave the European Union’s empire.

Their problem is that facts keep telling a different story.

In contrast to the Rejoin campaigns, I present the actual evidence. These are facts, not fear-inducing projections. In each case above I have used the latest available information from the Office for National Statistics, HMRC, and UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).

Unlike the discredited projections continuously used by the Rejoin campaigns, these are incontestable facts and may come as a surprise to many readers who watch the BBC, Sky News, and ITN.

The independent global trading nation of Brexit Britain is back

Exports are up by nearly 25%. Total trade is up (even with the EU) by over 25%. Inward foreign investment is up. And now we have the prospect of even greater progress as a result of the UK’s accession to the fast-growing Trans-Pacific market in the shape of the CPTPP deal.

Those who wish to put our country down and whose ulterior motive is to rejoin the EU will not be happy about what has been published in our report above. Unfortunately for them, the facts do not match their narrative.

The decent thing for them to do would be to admit they have been wrong for the last seven years. However, we all know they won't, they are fanatics with treacherous convictions.

Sources: Office for National Statistics | HMRC | UNCTAD ]



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