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3 min readSep 7, 2017


Despicable Corbyn does it again

Corbyn the floppy dick man

Despicable Corbyn is so up his own backside that everything he says comes out as crap.

His latest Gaffe is his that when he gets into power LOL he is going to clamp down on football clubs and they will be banned from signing shirt sponsorship deals with betting companies.

What the dimwit forgets is the fact that one of Labor's safest areas that always put Labour MPs into Parliament has a football Premiership club that his owned by a family that owns Bet 365 that in turn has 3,500 employees who all live in Stoke on Trent and that the owners have donated millions to Labour over the years.

Go to any Stoke City match home and away and you can see Bet 365 on every Stoke City players shirt. Incidentally Bet 365 is one of the more responsible betting agency's that actively look out for gambling addiction,and discourage it.

Having seen some of the comments on Facebook in the Stoke on Trent area I have to say this has not gone down very well at all in SoT. in fact people are taking the piss out of Labour with some very good witty comments like these.

All the well known names below are former sponsors who had their names on the City shirts

I totally agree because when we were sponsored by Cristal tiles I had my whole house tiled. Walls, ceilings, floors. I even slept on a tiled bed because thats what having a name on the front of a shirt makes you do. I’ve also got hundreds of fradley homes that I can no longer afford to pay the mortgages o.

Carling turned Me into alcoholic and Broxap make me collect collect council benches. Life’s so depressing now I have liver desease and 56 benches I can’t shift.

Fradley homes made me default on 14 mortgages. I’m now bankrupt, destitute and living off old bottles of Carling and Ansells.

Then you have these comments

About time. Confectionary is bad & should be banned too. In fact any products with sugar in them. And fat. And travelling — that can be dangerous. Advertising houses need to be be banned as poor people get behind with their mortgages. In fact — ban advertising anything other than cabbages & fruit. Fun fun fun — I’m too thick to make up my own mind and need honourable politicians with bags of integrity to protect me from myself. Don’t get me started about alcohol.

Lets bet on Labour never winning again , just Commies´they will kill anything that is good….

It’s just noise from the Looney, he’s got two hopes and one of them is Bob.

Yes those are just some of the comments from both Labour and Stoke city supporters.

And think on this Despicable Corbyn since you have been leader you have managed to lose one of the most safest Labour seats in the country which is Stoke on Trent South which has been in the hands of Labour since the 1930s

Well done Muppet man Corbyn you just dont have a clue do you.



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