Desperate Dan Michael Mann Issues Traditional COP26 Last Chance Climate Warning.

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Love him or hate him you have to give Desperate Dan credit for trying

Following on from his “last chance” warnings in 2015, another 2015 and 2020, Michael Mann wants us to understand that COP26 really is our last chance to address the climate crisis.

World’s climate scientists to issue stark warning over global heating threat

IPCC’s landmark report will be the most comprehensive assessment yet as governments prepare for pivotal UN talks in November

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent
Mon 9 Aug 2021 03.00 AEST

The fires, floods and extreme weather seen around the world in recent months are just a foretaste of what can be expected if global heating takes hold, scientists say, as the world’s leading authority on climate change prepares to warn of an imminent and dire risk to the global climate system.

Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, said this would be the last IPCC assessment that can make a real difference in policy terms before we exceed 1.5C and the ambitions of the Paris agreement.

“Climate change is now causing amplified weather extremes of the sort we’ve been witnessing this summer — droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, floods, superstorms,” he said. “The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. We see them playing out in real-time in the form of these unprecedented extreme weather disasters.”

Sorry, Michael. My article refutes what you say with actual proof.

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This is a followup to Michael Mann’s last chance warning in 2015; Professor Mann, a new climate agreement is to be concluded in Paris in December . Isn’t it already too late for that? Is it still physically possible to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius?

Michael Mann: Yes, of course! Admittedly, Paris is probably the last chance to get the necessary emissions reductions off the ground — if we had started 15 years ago, the necessary change in the energy system could have been more gentle. The earth has warmed up by around one degree since the beginning of industrialization, another half a degree is already safe. So it is clear that there is little room for maneuver.

LOL Micky Mouse, sounds as if we are getting a few last chances.

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Here is Micky Mouse come Desperate Mann’s warning about the 2016 election;

“This will be a make-or-break presidency as far as our ability to avert a climate change catastrophe,” says Michael Mann, meteorology professor and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, whose “hockey-stick” shaped graph warned of sharply rising emissions and temperatures.

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I wonder if Micky Mouse come Desperate Mann will get to issue the COP27 climate last chance warning? He seems to enjoy it all these last chance saloon scenarios.

Meanwhile back on planet. Earth Climate change: New report will highlight ‘stark reality’ of warming.

Once every five years, the IPCC publishes its latest Assessment Report into the state of the climate. And every five years, governments get together to write their own scary version.

UN researchers are set to publish their strongest statement yet on the science of climate change.

The report will likely detail significant changes to the world’s oceans, ice caps and land in the coming decades.

Due out on Monday, the report has been compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

It will be their first global assessment on the science of global heating since 2013.

It is expected the forthcoming Summary for Policymakers will be a key document for global leaders when they meet in November.

After two weeks of virtual negotiations between scientists and representatives of 195 governments, the IPCC will launch the first part of a three-pronged assessment of the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.

It is the presence of these government officials that makes the IPCC different from other science bodies. After the report has been approved in agreement with governments, they effectively take ownership of it.

On Monday, a short, 40-page Summary for Policymakers will be released dealing with the physical science.

It may be brief, but the new report is expected to pack a punch.

“We’ve seen over a couple of months, and years actually, how climate change is unfolding; it’s really staring us in the face,” said Dr Heleen de Coninck, from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, who is a coordinating lead author for the IPCC Working Group III.

“It’s really showing what the impacts will be, and this is just the start. So I think what this report will add is a big update of the state of the science, what temperature increase are we looking at — and what are the physical impacts of that?”

One key question in the new summary will be about the 1.5C temperature target. The climate summit held in the French capital, Paris, in 2015, committed nations to try to limit the rise in global temperature from pre-industrial times to no more than 1.5 degrees.

We must wait for the report, but I have little doubt it will contain the usual threats about melting ice caps, sea levels, storms, floods, hurricanes, droughts, famines and wildfires. All of these will get much worse in years to come, it will say, despite the fact that there is no actual evidence to support this. When the full scientific report is eventually published, this will all be apparent.

Meanwhile global temperatures, following on from the record El Nino in 2015/16, are no higher now than they were two decades ago. Isn’t it strange that things like Germany’s floods this year have been based on global warming, when there has not been any for twenty years!

Spooky hey?



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