Graham Charles Lear
4 min readSep 20, 2017

Climate warmth sensors and how YOU are manipulated by zealot Warmagedinist Climate Scientists.

We are being manipulated by climate scientists into thinking the planet is warming at a phenomenal rate and I am going to show you how they are doing it to convince us all that it's man's fault.

Climate scientists use many tools in their never-ending work on climate change. One of the tools they use is the Climate warmth sensors that are situated all over the world. In North America alone there are thousands of them dotted throughout the States. It's where they get the data for the warmth they say is changing the temperature of the world. That data is then put into the climate models that then give them the world's temperature.

All well and good you might say except that where they put most of those sensors are not where you and I would situate them.

This is where you and I would situate them ( in the photo below)

Climate sensor

Out in the countryside wide open spaces where there is no manipulation of temperatures. By doing this you get a true reading of the temperature. Situate like this all across the world and you get a true reading of the world's warmth when put into climate models.

That is what you and I would do, along with honest climate scientists who do not have an agenda to destroy the oil industry. Those that do have an agenda to destroy the oil industry situate them in places like this below.

Climate sensors
Climate sensors
Climate sensors

You can see the problem with the photos. In most of the photos, you can see air condition extracts. These extract the warmth from your homes or your offices. You can see the sensors situated just a few feet away from them. This gives false readings day and night. You can see the problem with the ones situated near roads. Concrete tarmac car exhausts all contribute to false heat readings.

They also situate them on the edge of Airport runways you can see one in the photo below.

Climate warmth sensor at the edge of Ciampino Airport in Rome, Italy

Yes, it's no wonder they say the earth is warming when they put data into their computer models. All the data is manipulated by false heat readings.

I would like to see all those climate heat sensors taken down, demolished and believe me I have shown you just the tip of the iceberg with new ones built in the countryside where there can be no manipulation of data. Places like these below.

Site for a climate sensor
climate sensor

What we dont want to see are more of these

climate sensors
climate sensors

It's nothing more than criminal when they put them next to AC unit extract units or roads and airports. It is no wonder we are seeing the earth's so-called warming.

Air conditioning units first extract all the warmth out of a building they then cool them down. If you stand next to one when it's working on a summer day you will pass out from the heat it's drawing from the offices

It is all manipulated to make us believe the earth has warmed so much.

Now you can see what is going on, how you are being manipulated what are you going to do about it?

Graham Charles Lear

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