Graham Charles Lear
2 min readAug 29, 2017

Climate Change A Very Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore’s film propagates the myth of so-called Man-made Global Warming (renamed Climate Change because the world is not warming) and also because ten ton of snow suddenly dropped on the heads of various climate scientists at the Copenhagen climate convention in December 2009. is a flop at the box office and is the last desperate gasp of a failed Fake Science scam which will come to a sticky end within 3 years as the world cools further with a continuing decline in Solar activity and the popular accountability movement for science and politics grows. The facts are.

1 All Al Gore’s Climate Alarms (massive Sea level rise etc) in his first film failed.

2 All the UN (IPCC) Climate Alarm projections issued around 2000 failed.

3 Actual surface temperature measurements show cooling for the largest countries (eg China, USA) and the World as a whole in the last 5 or 10 years but these are “adjusted” by the authorities — eg NOAA, CRU (Climate Research Unit of East Anglia Uni) — for public and ‘adjusted’ presentation — in a manner which they admit — to increase current temperatures and reduce past temperatures. Tony Heller reports this well in his video

The amount of fraud is about 0.5C which means recent warming should be reduced by 0.5C putting world temperatures the same as ~60 years ago — ie, in reality, NOTHING has happened overall since then.

3 Baloon and satellite data now show cooling while CO2 model projections show wild increases which increasingly diverge from reality**

4 Real data shows many cycles of variation notably, eg, 60 years the CO2 warming propagandists show recent rapid warming but fail to show that similar warming (followed by cooling) happened 60 yrs and 120 years ago. The recent warming is being followed now by cooling in the same manner.

5 All the other planets showed warming alongside Earth when solar activity was recently high:

6 CO2 levels are an EFFECT NOT A CAUSE of changes in Climate Piers Corbyn spells out the facts in easy points on why CO2-Climate story fails pdf:

7 This observed fact overrides arguments over current temperature whether real or adjusted because in the long run, (centuries) CO2 levels are NOT the factor controlling temperatures but it is temperatures which control CO2 levels. Rather than discuss science which in a few lines destroys the whole of the pyramid of lies termed “Climate Science (LOL)” by mainstream media, the CO2 Warmegedinist charlatans argue the toss about levels of fraud — a convenient diversion but which will only delay the end of their corrupt evil empire.

Al Gore is the biggest liar living on the planet — the Goebbels of the 21st century.

Graham Charles Lear

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