China and North Korea

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readSep 4, 2017

Both China and North Korea are intertwined with each other. China in the past has used North Korea as nothing more than a country to threaten world peace without China getting its hands dirty.

China knows the situation that the world finds its self in with Kim Jong the little fat boy firing missile after missile both towards Guam which is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. and over Japan. Now he is also testing Nuclear weapons that could in effect hit any city on the West coast of America.

Make no mistake about it this is all done with the knowledge consent of the Government of China. The reason is pretty clear they are doing it to destabilize the whole region.

Make also no mistake that this has being going on for years. Throughout the administration of Obama North Korea and China have been trying to destabilize the region and the administration of Obama did nothing to try and resolve the problem.

Now the Trump administration is having to deal with what is becoming a real threat not just to that region but to the whole world.

Trump has now threatened the real culprit which is China with sanctions. Trump has threatened to cut off trade ties with countries that deal with North Korea and China has found this as “unacceptable” and unfair as China is by far the largest perpetrator.

China is North Korea’s closest ally and commercial partner, buying 83 per cent of the country’s exports and selling 85 per cent of the goods imported by Pyongyang. So if these sanctions go ahead China who exports all over the world is in line for a a very big shock as they see their economy decline very quickly According to data from the US Government, the trade in goods between the US and China last year totaled a staggering £445.7 billion (578.6 billion), while the trade in services between the countries was worth £54 billion ($69.6 billion). Then you have to take in account of other countrys that trade with China as this is going to be a world trade sanction. Britains trade deal is £40 billion. Plus the trade deal they have with other countrys in Europe.

One thing is for sure, the ball is now firmly in China's court. Time for China to come to its senses and cut little fat boy Kim Jong loose or risk an economical melt down



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