Can anyone bear to watch?

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readApr 1, 2019

Today in the majority Remain Parliament, anti-democratic MPs will once again debate a range of motions designed to thwart Brexit.

The likelihood is that they will gain a majority for one of their Remain options. This could then lead to a motion on Wednesday which the Remain Speaker could allow to become binding on the Government, by changing the rules again.

At the same time, the Government is again looking for ways to have a fourth vote on its atrocious surrender treaty known as the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

The Remain MPs are voting based on ignorance

One of the worst aspects of this charade is that most MPs haven’t got a clue when it comes to the EU. They simply don’t know the facts.

They are lobbied by big business, which has a vested financial interest in Remain, by unions who still seem to think workers’ rights come from the EU, and by a variety of clueless Establishment worthies and celebrities who think the EU is all about peace and loving each other.

Whatever happened to deciding based on the facts?

Single Market — The UK’s economy grew less in the 25 years after it was introduced compared to the 25 years before

Customs Union — The UK is by far the biggest loser in the EU, and has become what the Germans call ‘Treasure Island’

Free Movement — The UK became the repository for the unemployed of the EU27, in their millions

EU Superstate — The EU’s avowed policies all lead to the abolition of nations, and absorption into a US of Europe

Withdrawal Agreement — a monstrosity making the UK into a slave state of the EU, with no redress.

The vast majority of this evidence comes from official EU sources and is incontrovertible. It all supports Brexit — unless you have no interest in facts.

If our MPs don’t care for fact-based decisions, what purpose do they serve?

As, the majority of MPs seem to have no knowledge of — nor interest in — the facts, then surely we might as well ask our pets and children to make decisions?

They could hardly do any worse.



Graham Charles Lear

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