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3 min readFeb 4, 2019

Young Brexiteers show the way

Forget Femi-Sorry the loser its all over for him and his gang of losers, Britain needs winners, not losers

And these young guys epitomize what winning is all about

Students for Brexit

Students for Brexit was founded last month by Robert Langley, a young man from a proud working-class northern family, and the organization has quickly fast-tracked into a major pro-Brexit mouthpiece for students across the country.

Read what they have to say

Robert Langley (Chairman)

“The apparent shyness of young leavers deeply concerned me.

“With the mobilisation of Remain groups pushing for a second referendum, it was obvious to me that unless young leavers were galvanised into action, our opportunity to secure an open and international UK would slip away, right from our grasp.”

Ellie Vardey (Vice-Chair)

“I voted Remain in the Referendum. At the time I chose to do this because I was made to feel that it was the safest option from my peers at school.

“However I kept an open mind and always wanted to learn more about the EU. It soon became clear to me that the EU was a uncompromising, undemocratic organisation — not at all like I’d been taught.

“Having researched far more facts I’m now convinced that the UK has a really exciting future outside the EU. As a young person I’m excited by all the great possibilities ahead of us.”

Students for Brexit

Students for Brexit (SfB) is a cross-party network of pro-Brexit students from universities across the UK who advocate a clean break from Brussels.

Their aim is to build a supportive community for like-minded young people. Pro-Brexit young people are chronically under-represented in the media, and they seek to change this. SfB believes that the outcome of the 2016 referendum MUST be respected, and they feel that it is their responsibility to stand up for our GLOBAL future.

Students for Brexit is a grassroots campaign founded by students, run by students, for students. They are currently self-funded but welcome donations.

Here are their aims:

“Whilst we believe that the most desirable way to leave the EU is by securing a deal, we are firm in our belief that any agreed deal must not bind the UK into a backstop, a customs union, or the Single Market.

“Therefore we would oppose any proposed deal which does not meet these principles.

“We recognise that in any negotiation there is a need for compromise, however, we will not accept any agreement which compromises the constitutional integrity of the UK.

“We aren’t afraid of leaving the EU on World Trade Organisation rules. If a suitable deal cannot be negotiated we would then support leaving the EU on WTO terms and for a free-trade agreement to be negotiated at a later date.”

Forget about Femi the loser who can't even afford a new pair of decent shoes and who has never held down a job for more than a few months and who is a paid shrill of older people who are using him. He has achieved nothing in his campaign to stay in the EU

If you are a student in the UK then join Students for Brexit and be a winner because as you grow older in life you will find employers love people who are winners and hate losers who bring nothing to the table



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