Brexit Britain roars ahead with vaccines — and the EU’s unelected autocrats can’t stand it

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readJan 28, 2021


‘We reject the logic of first come, first served,’ said Stella Kyriakides (pictured).

If anything reveals how flawed the new EU superstate is, this is right up there with their worst examples

When it comes to the development of vaccines and the delivery of a vaccination programme, Brexit Britain has shown just how much better it is to be free and independent.

Over recent days, several rows have erupted in Brussels and in many EU capitals, arising from the lamentable performance of the EU’s technocratic machine since it insisted on ‘managing’ the Covid-19 vaccination programme on behalf of its 27 member countries.

The UK is still streets ahead of the EU27 in its vaccination programme

The UK has performed over 7.6 million vaccination doses

The UK has undertaken more total vaccination doses than the six biggest EU countries combined

Were the EU Commission more concerned about their ‘Projekt’ than saving lives?

In March last year, I started researching and publishing reports on the EU’s performance in regard to Covid-19. To give just one example I reported on the EU Commission’s statement of 13 March 2020, where they stated — “The Commission will use all the instruments at its disposal to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, in particular:

“To ensure the necessary supplies to our health systems by preserving the integrity of the Single Market and of production and distribution of value chains;

To support people so that income and jobs are not affected disproportionally and to avoid the permanent effect of this crisis;

To support firms and ensure that the liquidity of our financial sector can continue to support the economy

And to allow the Member States to act decisively in a coordinated way, through using the full flexibility of our State Aid and Stability and Growth Pact Frameworks.”

  • EU Commission statement 13 Mar 2020

I pointed out that “All anyone really needs to know about the mentality of the Brussels-dwelling bureaucrats and ideologues is contained in the opening to the EU’s latest statement. Readers will note that in the midst of global health, societal and economic crisis, the EU’s first thought is ‘preserving the integrity of the Single Market’.”

Two EU Commissioners desperately trying to blame a UK-Swedish company for the EU’s failings

Readers will no doubt have read all the newspaper reports in the last few days about the EU’s growing row with AstraZeneca. I will not repeat what can be read elsewhere. Below I offer some additional information which does not seem to be in the mainstream media. This relates to two of the unelected autocrats who have been responsible for the EU’s disastrous management of the Covid response.

Who is in charge of the EU’s Covid response?

1. The EU’s “Commissioner for Health and Food Safety”.

Everyone in the UK knows the name of Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health. Rather less well-known is Stella Kyriakides, the EU’s Commissioner for Health.

Ms Kyriakides is a Greek Cypriot who came to the UK in the mid-1970s to study psychology at Reading University. Between 1979 and 2006 she worked for the UK Ministry of Health as a child psychologist. The rest of her career has been spent in public bodies, politics, and in Brussels.

Cyprus is an EU member country which has a population of 875,899 — not much bigger than that of Leeds. Its economy is less than 1/110th of the size of the UK’s.

Yesterday Ms Kyriakides launched another vicious attack on a commercial company based in the UK that is trying to supply vaccines on a not-for-profit basis.

2. The EU’s “Commissioner for Crisis Management”.

Yes, the EU has a Crisis Management Commissioner. Given all the EU’s problems, this must be the worst job in the world right now — putting aside the massive salary, benefits, perks, pension, accommodation, limos, and expense account.

This particular Commissioner’s name is Janez Lenarčič and he’s from Slovenia. Slovenia is an EU member country which has a population of 2.1 million — smaller than that of West Yorkshire. Its economy is less than 1/50th of the size of the UK’s.

Like almost all EU Commissioners, Mr Lenarčič has never held what we would call “a proper job” in his life. He has only ever worked in politics and in the EU.

Who can forget the response when Italy slowly drowning in Covid deaths pleaded for help and this both these Muppets organised a few gallons of disinfectant from Austria and then saw Norway send doctors and nurses to Italy to help and then took the credit for it even though Norway is not in the EU

If one accepts that all governments are desperate to vaccinate as much of their populations as possible, as quickly as possible, then the performance of the EU Commission has been dire. As I stated above, I started criticising the EU on this subject back in early March 2020. At that time they were trying to become relevant, and failing.

In the subsequent weeks and months, they managed to persuade the governments of the EU member states to let the EU Commission negotiate with the drugs companies. All negotiations between individual member countries and drugs companies were effectively banned.

This resulted in months of bureaucratic delays in the EU27. Conversely in the UK, the Government was ploughing ahead, investing in research in Oxford and elsewhere from as early as April. By the summer the UK Government was placing orders, months ahead of the EU.

No matter what anyone thinks of the Covid measures and vaccines, it is very clear that the EU has been shown up as incompetent and unfit for purpose. And now it appears that they wish to deny UK citizens the vaccines ordered by the UK Government three months before the EU, in order to give them to EU27 citizens.

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