Blind Panic.

In the latest week, 5 times as many people died of ‘flu & pneumonia as died “with Coronavirus”

In the previous 100 years, we didn’t ruin our country with a lockdown because of the ‘flu.

When will this madness stop?

The United Kingdom has been pummelled into a historic recession by fake news and false data

It’s even worse when it comes to ‘flu or pneumonia


Some readers may have seen the news overnight that Public Health England has finally stated that the number of deaths ‘with Coronavirus’ has been overstated.

Remember those televised daily press briefings? You now know you were being lied to on a daily basis. Which might surprise you but it does not surprise me because on the 9 May 2020 I wrote about PHE and the people who are in it. The same people who regularly lectured everyone of you had 4. 5 billion yearly war chest to protect every one of you from infectious diseases yet only spent 87 million of that 4.5 billion protecting you the rest went on telling you how fat you are if you dont believe me then what was Boris Johnson doing going on television imploring everyone to shed pounds of fat.

If you missed it I recommend you read it. It sheds light on the sheer incompetency of a health organisation that has been advising our government.



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Graham Lear

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