BBC Deputy Political Editor comperes arch-Rejoiners Heseltine & Gauke at Tory Conference Rejoin event today

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readOct 3, 2022


BBC’s Deputy Political Editor comperes entirely pro-Rejoin event today

At lunchtime today, the Deputy Political Editor of the supposedly independent BBC, Vicki Young, will be compering an event for the ‘European Movement UK’ (which should of course be called the ‘European Union Movement UK’), at the Tory Party Conference.

In what must surely be a classic in the annals of “you couldn’t make this up” news stories, BBC Deputy Political Editor Vicki Young will be the anchor for an event involving two of the most extreme Rejoiners in the country, on the day Liz Truss makes her opening speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

Why is this so secret?

Neither the BBC nor Vicki Young herself is saying a word about this. Interestingly, the European Movement’s own website is equally silent on the matter. The only way of finding out more seems to be by registering on a third-party website.

I do, however, have some information from tweets by the ‘European Movement’ about the event.

“Join European Movement & @BBCVickiYoung in conversation with former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine and former Lord Chancellor @DavidGauke at the Conservative conference.”

- Tweet by European Movement UK, 01 Oct 2022

Credit: European Movement UK on Twitter

The European Movement has actually contested elections. It seems bizarre they are running an event at a rival party’s conference.

Who runs them, and who funds them?

The President of the ‘European Movement UK’ is Lord Heseltine, who is one of the main two speakers being anchored by the BBC’s Vicki Young today. Its Chief Executive is Lord Andrew Adonis.

The last information I have on the funding of the ‘European Movement UK’ comes from foreign billionaire Georg Soros’s “Open Society Foundations”. The Soros Foundations donated $140,000 in 2017 and a further $245,572 in 2018. This information comes from the most up-to-date accounts. I don’t know what funding they may have continued to receive from ‘Open Society Foundations’ after 2018, nor what funding they receive from other sources.

Former MEP David Campbell Bannerman gave these comments

“The European Movement in Britain is no longer some independent think tank but an active political party and rival to the Conservative Party. What is it doing at the Conservative Conference; and why are Conservatives giving it the time of day? Remember it stood candidates against the Tories in European elections and backed Dominic Grieve in the Beaconsfield by-election against the successful Tory MP Joy Morrissey. They want the UK to be submerged in a European superstate.”

How big are they?

The European Movement now has 18 staff, having just recruited two more “Communication and Campaign Officers” last month.

In addition, the organisation has five Executives, 10 Executive Committee Members, 107 National Council Members, four Patrons, and a huge number of local groups.

What are they campaigning for?

This large organisation is intent on reversing Brexit and taking the UK back into the EU — on any terms. Here is what they say about themselves:-

“We are the only organisation with the courage to expose the calamity of Brexit and win the Battle for the Soul of our Country”

- European Movement UK Twitter profile

“Brexit costs Britain a staggering £1 million per hour. Our rights are under threat. Brexit isn’t working. As the largest and fastest-growing pro-European movement, we are leading the fight to reverse the calamity of Brexit.”

- European Movement UK homepage intro

However, there is no detailed factual research on the organisation’s website.

You will see some well-known names that you see on Twitter here, they are it seems Radicalised Extremist Remainer Rejoiners

There must surely come a point where all fair-minded people in the country, regardless of how they voted in the EU Referendum, must say “Enough is enough”.

The BBC is now so far beyond any reasonable definition of the word ‘impartial’ as to be in an alternative universe. It is simply not fit for purpose as a state broadcaster.

I simply do not understand how the BBC’s Deputy Political Editor can think it remotely acceptable to be anchoring an event like this. It must be stressed that this is an event organised by an extremist Rejoiner organisation. By using the BBC’s Deputy Political Editor to anchor the event, the ‘European Movement UK’ are in effect gaining credibility for their cause off the back of the BBC.

I would like to know if Ms Young sought and received approval from BBC senior management for this apparently private event. If so, I would like to know who approved it.

I went on their website and found this

This Government’s Brexit deal isn’t working — and here’s why

And that's it, no actual factual evidence

They are asking.

Have you seen shortages on shelves or queues at petrol pumps, or do you know of a local business that has struggled thanks to supply chain issues?

Well the only empty shelves I have seen were in the Pingdemic when we were in Lockdown over COVID and the NHS pinged the heavy good supermarket drivers to stay at home

  • British food chains reporting staff shortages amid rising COVID-19 cases
  • UK supermarkets said the “pingdemic” caused by the NHS COVID app had triggered panic buying

British supermarkets have said that the so-called “pingdemic” is threatening food supplies and causing staff shortages.

The term “pingdemic” was coined from “pings” delivered by the NHS app to notify users when they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The NHS COVID app then issues a message urging them to quarantine at home for ten days.

While the app is a powerful tool, critics have said that the technology is far too sensitive and has wrongly notified thousands of Britons to self-isolate.

Several UK food chains, including ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, have said that the NHS COVID app had caused supply issues and delivery delays by placing a strain on the labour force.,at%20home%20for%20ten%20days.

Nothing to do with the UK leaving the EU.

Since then I Personly have not seen any shortages

[ Sources: European Movement UK | Open Society Foundations ]



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