Andrew Adenoids and the Rejoiners” — a band that doesn’t know when to call time

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In February 2020 I showed you who was trying his best to get rid of PM Boris Johnson so he could overturn Brexit. He achieved the first part of his plan with help of the pro-Remain journalists along with the many pro-Remain MPs in the Tory party led by Rishi Sunak who made a play for becoming the PM. Fortunately, it now looks like Liz Truss an MP who voted for Remain, but since then has changed her mind and has become a devoted Brexiteer will become the next leader thus becoming PM.

Now I bring an update on what is going on

‘The European Movement’ still wants to overturn the largest democratic vote in UK history

Some commentators in the media and in the political arena — even many who supported Leave — have questioned why it’s necessary to continue fighting to see Brexit delivered in full.

Today’s report explains why.

Here is the Chairman of the well-funded ‘European Movement’, Lord Andrew Adonis, writing on Twitter last week

Over £3 million in foreign funding was received by Rejoiner organisations

One international organisation, known as ‘The Open Society Foundations’ (OSF), was founded by foreign multi-billionaire George Soros, who made a great deal of money betting against the sterling.

Their website states they are

“the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights.”

- Open Societies website

From 2016 to 2019 George Soros’s OSF donated more than £3 million to UK groups dedicated to overturning the largest democratic vote in the United Kingdom’s history.

Foreign funding of UK Rejoiner groups, 2016–2019

This is only OSF funding — I do not have details of other funding but there will be private donations from individuals living in the UK and even in the EU countries.

  • Best for Britain: £400,000 (2017), £1,087,000 (2018), £1,213,689 (2019)
  • European Movement: £100,000 (2017), £100,000 (2018)
  • Scientists for EU: £35,000 (2017)
  • Bright Blue: £86,000 (2016)
  • TOTAL: £3,021,689 over four years after the Referendum

[Source: The Open Society Foundations]

They have a lot of money but just one little problem… They’re a bit short on facts

Here is the opening message from the European Movement on their homepage.

“Brexit costs Britain a staggering £1 million per hour. Our rights are under threat. Brexit isn’t working. As the largest and fastest-growing pro-European movement, we are leading the fight to reverse the calamity of Brexit.”

- European Movement website

£1 million per hour equates to £8.76 billion per year. I have searched in vain for any source or justification for this claim but that was it. One bald claim, no substantiation.

The ‘Brexit Impact’ page on the website of the ‘European Movement

The ‘Brexit Impact’ page is then where you be expected to find some facts and figures to back up Lord Adonis’s assertion of “the pain, horror and shame of the Brexit disaster”.

Instead, here is the totality of the content:-

“This Government’s Brexit deal isn’t working — and here’s why”

“Brexit clearly isn’t working, and communities across the country are feeling the pressure. Let us know how your local area has been affected. Have you seen shortages on shelves, or queues at petrol pumps, or do you know of a local business that has struggled thanks to supply chain issues?”

- European Movement website

That’s it. Nothing else. Clearly, they couldn’t quantify any ‘Brexit Impacts’ at all.

Nice work if you can get it

Anti-Brexit Rejoiner groups have advertised a number of jobs at salaries of more than £50,000 per annum. Currently, The European Movement UK has a new vacancy: a ‘Youth Engagement Officer’ advertised last Thursday (11 Aug 2022) at a salary of £25,000.

I looked at the members of the management team listed on the European Movement’s UK website. Of the 15 listed, we found previous job adverts related to nine of them.

Taking the mid-point of the salary ranges advertised and adding in National Insurance and pension contributions, we estimate the total must come to at least £330,000 per annum. Noting that some of the remaining six may be volunteers or part-time, and factoring in support staff, it seems their wage bill will be around half a million pounds a year. And this is without the cost of their Westminster offices.

Other Rejoiner groups are also recruiting. For example ‘Best for Britain’ is currently looking for a Communities & Campaigns Manager for £35,000 and a Video Content Officer for £24,000.

Back in the day…

Back when the United Kingdom was taken into the ‘EEC’ — as it was then — by PM Ted Heath, (and without any Referendum), there were plenty of well-known bands with names such as ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’, ‘Diana Ross and the Supremes, etc.

Now we have ‘Andy Adenoids and the Rejoiners’. Many readers just wish that the small minority of extremists who have failed to accept the democratic wish of the majority would simply pipe down and get on with their lives.

Sources: Open Societies Foundations | The European Movement | Best for Britain



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