And now Leave is three.

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readJun 24, 2019

The face of the BBC’s David Doombleby, 24 June 2016

The moment David Dimbleby had to call the result for Leave, 24 June 2016

Happy Independence Day to all readers.

I would like to wish all readers a very Happy Independence Day for yesterday and today! I invite you to watch with ME that magnificent moment when the BBC’s David Doombleby was forced to announce that Leave had won the EU Referendum.

This was the moment at 04.40am on 24 June 2016 when millions across the land leaped for joy, punched the air, hugged loved ones, or otherwise celebrated the result of the biggest vote for anything in the history of the United Kingdom. On 23 June 2016, we voted to take back control of our lives from the oligarchical, federalist technocrats of the European Union.

It was also the moment when the Establishment was delivered the biggest shock to its foundations in generations. The contrast between the reaction of the BBC and the reactions across the country was stark. Perhaps never before has the national broadcaster been so out of touch with the majority of its audience.

Three years on, what’s to celebrate?

After three years of broken promises from the political class, some might argue that we have little to celebrate. We prefer a more positive approach. A very large number of people worked very long hours for many months — and in many cases years and even decades — to achieve a Leave victory. Without that result three years ago there would not be a Brexit path to be disappointed about.

So, despite the shocking lack of progress, let’s celebrate this third anniversary with pride. Against all the odds, we did it. We won. Now we’re on the final push to ensure that our victory is finally honored.

Today is not the day for us to critique the current situation, nor to highlight our concerns. Instead, let’s simply celebrate one of the best decisions the great British public ever made. Party on, everyone!

Finally, as a special treat to all those who would like to relive that famous night and morning in full, here is the full BBC coverage of Referendum night — all 11 hours of it

Readers might note that around 25 minutes into the programme, the BBC presenters’ faces are all smiles when they reveal that a YouGov poll after the vote predicted a win for Remain by 52% to 48% — the opposite of the actual result!



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