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Yes, the Rejoiners really are coming — to reverse Brexit ‘step-by-step’

Their new Chairman could not be clearer: “The wind is in our sails now” IF WE LET THEM

‘The European Movement’ announced the election of a new Chairman, following the retirement of Lord Adonis on 14 December 2022. The new man in charge made an unequivocal statement on his election, which I reproduce below.

The European Movement states it is “the only organisation with the courage to expose the calamity of Brexit and win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.”

It is extremist in its views and very short on facts. That said, it is extremely well-funded by foreign foundations NOTICE, I SAY FOREIGN FOUNDATIONS and it has refused to accept the result of the largest democratic vote in British history. This European Movement is an extremist group operating in the UK with foreign money

This Rejoiners extremist group war chest is growing all the time — £3m+ and counting most of it from foreign foundations who do not have the best interest of the UK.

The incoming Chairman of the European Movement, Mike Galsworthy, is very clear he wants to expand the Rejoin campaign across the board. This involves hundreds of new local associations, a mass PR initiative involving TV, radio and social media, a renewed campaign to convert the UK’s youth, and even a glossy new film.

Money is no object in the pursuit of this plan to overturn Brexit. Below I show the results of research last year into the funding of anti-Brexit organisations by foreign foundations.

In addition, I can now reveal that a new documentary film called ‘Brexit Documentary’ is in preparation. This involves BylineTV+ and features Mike Galsworthy. They have already raised an astonishing £97,398.03 for this project.

Over £3.5 million in foreign funding received by Rejoiner organisations

One international organisation, known as ‘The Open Society Foundation (OSF), was founded by foreign multi-billionaire George Soros, who made a great deal of money betting against Sterling.

Their website states they are

“the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights.”

- Open Societies website

From 2016 to 2021 George Soros’s OSF donated more than £3.5 million to UK groups dedicated to overturning the largest democratic vote in the United Kingdom’s history.

Now ask yourself WHY George Soros’s OSF should do that.

Foreign funding of UK Rejoiner groups, 2016–2021

This is only OSF funding — I do not have details of other funding

  • TOTAL: £3,625,011

[Source: The Open Society Foundations. NOTE: The OSF have changed their database since I first researched the donations. Below I show what they reported previously plus what they are reporting for 2020 and 2021. I believe the overall number to be an underestimate of the total.]

The new Chairman of the ‘European Movement

In his 47 years the incoming Chairman of the European Movement, Mike Galsworthy, has been an academic, a researcher, and a political campaigner against Brexit. Here is his statement on being elected last week.

“The European Movement is unique in its heritage and unique in its federated structure that sits at the heart of a wider pro-European community. EM must be the flagship in a fleet of pro-European campaigns and communities on a great mission together to bring us home to our rightful place in our own European Union.

“We know the wind is in our sails now. We must vanquish the dire politics of this moment in our history and work with communities all over the country to, step-by-step, recover that better future for ourselves, our children and our world. It is about identity, opportunity and responsibility.

Credit: Twitter

“I have so many ambitions for our community. We are an incredible community with so much more to give. And I will be there with you — accessible to you all as we take this on together. It will be hard work, but we are veterans already and we know how to campaign. We run on passion and we have the grit. So now let us build, build, build. Let us get to work.”

- Mike Galsworthy, Chairman, European Movement, Mar 2023

Sorry, but this must be said. All campaigning pro-Brexit groups are amateurs in fund-raising compared to the organisations lined up against us. These Rejoiners have the money, the staff, the premises, the resources, the BBC, and the Establishment ‘Blob’ on their side.

On Feb 3, 2022, I warned about what was going on and what organisation was behind it. I am referring to the ousting of Brexit Prime Minister Boris Johnson who got Brexit over the line and got us out of the EU.

Its a comprehensive report and you can look at it again here, it shows what they have been up to and how they lie

And if you look back there was no hint of Johnson being removed back in Feb 2022. YET on 6 September 2022 our deceased Queen accepted his resignation the day before she died, after being stabbed in the back by many of MPs led by Sunak Then another Brexit Minister became PM only to be outed in just four weeks.

On Jul 11, 2022, I wrote this with the help of people that were on Twitter who began doing a deep search into what Sunak was doing again you can read it below.

Now I come to one more report Jul 12, 2022, this one is because my own supposedly Brexit MP stood on my doorstep in 2019 and swore to me that he was a Brexiteer. I would have voted for him anyway as I always vote for Tories but this illustrates what lengths the Remainers go to lie.

I remember my MP getting up in Parliament and having a go at Johnson because during lockdown he could not go to the Wake at his Grandmother's funeral, he lambasted Johnson saying he had to drive down south to go to the funeral and drive right back because of the rules. DO YOU TAKE US FOR FOOLS he shouted. He was one of the first if not the first to put a letter in of no confidence. Fair enough, we all have our own thoughts on what went on in Lockdown.

However, here is the thing with this MP, and one other in Stoke on Trent both backed Tom Tugendhat MP a devout Remainer with a French wife who works for the French Presidents Macrons government to become the next PM


Well, I would like to put this right. I want to take on the whole rejoinery-wokery-globalist Establishment and campaign for the views of ordinary people across the entire country (including Northern Ireland) who simply don’t want this nonsense foisted upon us.

I want to also say this.

The UK has already got a better deal than it had in 2016.
1. We have a trade deal with the EU, without having to pay over £12 billion a year for the ‘privilege’

2. We can determine our own relationships with the rest of the world.

3. We no longer have to levy customs tariffs on behalf of the EU, on goods that we do not produce domestically.
(Many rated so low that it cost more to collect than was generated in revenue)

4. We can exercise our own influence on the WTO to promote world trade rather than franchising that influences to the EU.

5. Within the EU, EU law has primacy over domestic law, it’s in the treaties.
EU law is ‘Corpus Juris’ not ‘Habeas Corpus’
Allowing ‘Habeas Corpus’ to be replaced by ‘Corpus Juris’ would be a retrograde step.
A genuine erosion of rights.

6. And it should be noted that had the UK remained within the EU, its terms of membership today would NOT have been as good as in 2016, and its terms of membership in 2030 would not be as good as they would have been today.
7. The purpose of the EU is ever closer union until the sovereign nation-states are no more. (They make no secret of that).

8. As well as an EU military there will be an EU police force.
I’ve noted the brutality of the French and Spanish paramilitary police and the fact that German water cannons travelled to Brussels to help suppress demonstrations.
I do not want a brutal EU paramilitary police on UK soil. DO YOU? Because if we let this extremist European Movement group operating in the UK with foreign money get its way THAT is what we will get.

Sources: European Movement | Mike Galsworthy website | Open Society Foundations



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