A Dire Four Years Ahead For The American People.

Graham Charles Lear
7 min readJan 21, 2021

For what it's worth I am going to show a few things that I think will happen in the US in the next four years.

We are going to see prices shoot up especially fuel prices. Biden has already said that Fracking will be banned something that he vehemently denied during his small time on the road and in debates. However, there are many videos of him saying that he will ban it just as there is of Harris saying the same thing.

All fossil fuel will be banned, Biden has already threatened to shut down the Keystone oil pipeline and the Canadians are pleading with him not to do it on the first day. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said Monday he will seek legal damages if reports are true that Biden plans to scrap the pipeline on his first day upon taking office. That pipeline that would transport up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska. an existing Keystone pipeline currently transports oil from Alberta to Illinois and Texas. and he will also shut down that one. What does this mean for Americans in general?

Keystone XL is a 1,210-mile (1,947-km) pipeline that offers a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible way to deliver crude oil to markets in the U.S., strengthening continental energy security. The pipeline project that will invest US$8.0 billion into the North American economy and meet critical needs for transportation fuel and useful manufactured products. Shut just that one down which has nearly 60,000 direct, indirect and induced employment opportunities in North America and the job losses will be catastrophic.

It is unclear how the Biden administration plans to address the job losses, but his $2 trillion clean resilient, sustainable economy will be met by the American people themselves and it's going to hurt. the U.S. imported 9.14 million barrels of petroleum per day in 2019, 3.7 million of which came from Canada, and the rest of which came from “countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.” Just how he will sustain the American economy without the daily 3.7 million of oil coming in from the pipeline is anyone's guess, there is a reason that they are using that amount of crude oil and that they need the other 830,000 barrels from the other Keystone pipeline and it speaks volumes as to the mess the US is going to be in.

This means for the meantime when they are closed down they will have to ask Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to make up that loss. that is going to cost and who will pay for the cost. It will cost at the Gas Station and who pays none other than the American people. It also stands to reason if the gas prices go up for the man and woman in the street who drive. then the cost of filling a truck will also go up. This means that when American go to the supermarket to buy the food that they need to feed their families they will see the prices rising. It stands to reason that the ones who own the trucks are not going to stand the cost and why should they.

We will also see a vast increase in taxes for everyone that is the mantra of any government that is a Socialist one. It's a very big problem for a Socialist Government I doubt very much that they like doing it but they have to raise revenue to keep the restless natives happy. They always promised the earth and the moon to the gullible natives who always seem to think a country owes them living, free money always looks good on paper.

However to keep the restless natives happy there is also talk of putting up the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sounds a brilliant idea on paper, well woopy doo dar that’s another price rise coming America’s way because someone has to pay that $15 an hour so food prices rise in shops. Not a problem if everyone is in work but a big problem if the large supermarkets and even the small ones try to keep prices down by getting rid of half the workforce. More people unemployed because that is what will happen and the ones in work on that $15 an hour now find themselves working all hours god sends doing a number of jobs in their workplace that they would not dream of doing, They could always leave and they will be told to leave if they complain of working 365 days a year with no holidays working 12 to 15-hour shits every day. Suddenly that nice pay rise for everyone does not look so good. Oh, and did I mention that anyone on a skilled job that pays $15 an hour will say hang on why should a shelf stacker at Walmarts get the same as I am getting? I want at least $25 an hour, pay up or I am on strike. More trouble and strife for Joes bright new utopia

I have never in my life seen such a mess that the US is in at the moment and that is down to one set of people called the Democrats that have for the past four years been taunting, threatening and even in some cases murdering anyone who got in their way. Don't get me wrong it takes two to tango as the saying goes, however, no matter how placid you are how gentle you are there comes a point where you have to fight back. When you have all the Media out for your blood telling outright lies couple that when you find a way to get the truth out via the Social Media that you are on and they begin to shut you down and eventually ban you outright along with many of your followers then what do YOU DO?

Which brings me to a shining light at the end of a tunnel. When you are cornered, wounded by your enemies you can do one of two things. Give up and ask for mercy or you can crawl away and die. OR you can actually do the unthinkable something that your enemy would never expect, attack a full-frontal attack at full throttle at a pace that they never expect. I was always taught to do that and it works more often than people think it would.

That is what I think Trump will do and god helps his enemies when he does. There is talk of him having his own Social Media site and a Television station a radio station and I think all that will happen in the next four years. He will instantly get 80 million Americans who will quit Twitter and Facebook and a few of the other ones Fox will lose 80 million viewers. However its the next thing that I think he will go through with that is the interesting one and one that will shock not just America but the whole of the world. Republicans and Democrats are two words that go together with the USA

He will form a Political Party of his own. There is talk of it being called the Patriotic Party. Now people might say so what, it will fail. Will it? Well, hold on a mo remember those 80 million voters who voted for him? Well, the Republican Party rely on them to get their Senators into Office and ultimately someone to run as President. We know quite a few Republicans have stabbed him in the back and that will infuriate the Trump supporters. I am already seeing quite a bit of anger and pledges to follow him. Couple that with the job losses that are going to come plus the rise in prices that will come, Oh did I forget to mention the tax rises that all Socialist governments put into place well that's coming as well. I might have done 😁

Then we have another problem and its a whopper, for four years America has got used to not seeing their military not go to war, for all his faults that the Democrats have thrown his way and there have been many, not one of them can say he has started a war, in fact, he has been bringing the US military back home. I can say that within six months the American people will see body bags coming back home because Joe will start one, and we are seeing Iran flexing its muscles with five war games. That is the USAs next war Iran knows it and I would imagine most world leaders know it as well

So we have the shutting down of the oil pipelines.

The stopping of the fracking

Both putting up oil prices that will put up shopping prices.

Which also makes thousands out of work.

We will see tax rises.

A $15 a minimum hourly pay rise which will put people out of work

We will see at least one more War

We will see Donald Trump bringing the Republican party to its knees. and a big comeback for the Trump family that will ultimately see one of them back in the White House.

Well done Democrats, it's your mess you deal with it and own it, you wanted it for the past four years NOW YOU HAVE GOT IT.



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