7 million AZ doses lie untouched in EU countries, some states have 2/3rds of their stock unused

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readMar 25, 2021


With EU leaders meeting for their virtual EU Council meeting today, we all must ask why the EU Commission wishes to blockade Brexit Britain when EU countries are not even using the vaccines already delivered to them by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

This truly shocking, the EU resorts to a military police raid on factory supplying AstraZeneca finds nothing wrong.

On Saturday and Sunday, elite units from the Italian military Carabinieri were sent into an Italian factory involved in bottling the AstraZeneca vaccine. According to an EU official, this was done following an intervention by the EU Single Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, who contacted Italy’s appointed but unelected Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

It seems that the EU was hoping to find proof that vaccines were being bottled at the plant to be sent to the United Kingdom. In the event, this military-style raid found 29 million doses that were destined for Belgium and also for poor countries which are part of the COVAX international vaccine support effort. Not one was destined for the UK.

Whilst AstraZeneca has not confirmed the details, it appears that most of these 29 million doses have had to be held back because the EU’s own ‘European Medicines Agency’ still hasn’t approved a Dutch pharmaceutical plant working with AstraZeneca, which supplied the actual vaccine to the Italian plant for bottling into vials. AstraZeneca is, therefore, unable to distribute them under EU law. [Note: AstraZeneca will not confirm or deny, simply saying that vaccines must pass quality control.]

France and Germany share the blame with the EU Commission

French President Macron made an extraordinary statement in January when he characterised the AstraZeneca vaccine as ‘quasi-ineffective’ for those who are most vulnerable — the over-60s. This is the group with over 95% of all COVID deaths. President Macron said this based on no evidence. The World Health Organisation and the US authorities — and now the ‘European Medicines Agency’ itself — have all contradicted him, declaring it to be safe

Similarly in Germany, their medicines approvals agency recommended that the AstraZeneca vaccine should not be used for this most vulnerable group. They have now reversed their decision, but naturally, the damage to public confidence across the EU27 has been severe.

The EU can’t even use the AstraZeneca vaccines it already has

  • France has used only 55% of its AstraZeneca vaccines
  • Germany has used only 56% of its AstraZeneca vaccines
  • Six other EU countries have used 50% or less: Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Portugal, Greece
  • Across the EU, only 58.9% of available AstraZeneca vaccine doses have been administered
  • The rate for all other vaccines in the EU is 83.5%

The first EU country to ignore the EU Commission’s diktat on only buying vaccines under the EU Commission’s programme was Hungary. I invite readers to take a wild guess at which EU country has now vaccinated a greater percentage of its people than any other?

Yes, that would be Hungary, by a very considerable margin. Hungary is not yet up to the UK’s commanding lead in vaccinating its population but it is now streets ahead of those other EU countries which have slavishly followed the EU Commission’s rules. The EU Commission will not mention this, because it does not like Hungary and its refusal to bow to the EU’s globalist open-borders agenda, but I felt that readers would want to know.

Today’s virtual summit of EU leaders is likely to get heated. I can only wonder how long it will be before the EU Council has to consider the nuclear option of a radical reform of the Commission, replacing its President and many other members.

No-one involved in the Brexit campaign over the past six years — as I have been — expected such a stark demonstration, so soon, of why the EU machine is not fit for purpose. I suggest that the COVID disaster unrolling across the EU has now brought this into sharp focus.

What I find galling is that no-one at the BBC or any other news outlet seems to be the least bit interested in investigating and revealing information like this to the public. I have to ask why, however, we all by now know why they all don't bother, but here's the big deal. We are not going to turn back so they might as well get on board with what's going on, because there is a great change coming to this great Nation of ours, those that back our nation will reap the rewards those that don't will be ostracised.



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