58% of those who will be attending the new Boris Cabinet voted to Remain in the EU

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readJul 25, 2019


For the main Cabinet of 22 members, it’s worse — 64% voted Remain

Despite the narrative which readers will have heard yesterday and will no doubt hear again today, the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed an official Cabinet dominated by ministers who voted Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum. 64% of them voted to stay in the EU.

Even when accounting for ministers who are not officially part of the Cabinet, but who are invited to attend at the behest of the Prime Minister, well over half of the 31 people seated around the table voted Remain in 2016.

  1. 14 out of 22 members of the official Cabinet voted Remain (64%)

2. 18 of the 31 members of the extended cabinet voted Remain (58%)

3. The new Secretaries of State who voted Remain include Chancellor, Defence, Health, Justice, Education, International Trade, Transport, Housing, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, International Aid, Culture Media & Sport, and Work & Pensions.

However, what can you do? You have to play the hand that you have

On a more positive note, a barnstorming speech from Boris

After years of the most boring, repetitive and depressing speeches from the outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, the speech given by Boris Johnson outside №10 yesterday was transformational.

I am sure just like me we wish the new Boris Johnson administration well as it prepares to tackle the biggest issue of our time. Brexit.

The country finally has a Prime Minister who campaigned to leave the European Union, and he has appointed colleagues who were with him in this fight.

The new Cabinet is a distinct improvement on the cabinets of Mrs. May in the last three years.

As a footnote, I have been following Boris Johnson for quite a few years, reading his books written around 2002/2006 they are funny witty as you would expect from someone like Boris, However, what struck me is the fact that in them it becomes plain that he does not like the EU one bit.

So if people have any worries that he is not a leaver you can rest assured that he wants us all to leave the EU and has done for years.



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